Grape juice for wine making: Price List


When you have decided what you would like to order, either call or e-mail us. We will then let you know when your order is ready. Remember that you must supply your own containers unless you let us know that you need to buy carboys or transporter containers from us. Some of the grape varieties are in short supply, all orders are are processed in the order they are received. A 15% deposit is required to hold an order of 40 gallons or more of a single variety. Please be sure to confirm that your order is ready by calling us before driving here.  Please order the following varieties as soon as possible: Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Chardonnel, and Vignoles.  If you order both early and late varieties it may not be possible to hold early grapes until late varieties are ripe. You should consider making two trips. This could be especially true this season.

Price List

Red Varieties
Price per gallon Price/pound picked


$ 9.00 .66
Dechaunac $ 8.65 .62
Frontenac $ 8.65 .63
Cabernet Franc $ 15.75 1.60
Red Blend (Hybrids) $ 8.00  Two or more varieties of our choice
Noiret (NY 73) $ 8.80 .65
Concord $ 8.00 .57
Leon Millot $ 8.85 .66
Landot 4511 $ 8.50 .62
Chambourcin $ 9.50 .71
GR7 $ 8.65 .71



Corot Noir


White Varieties

$ 9.50

$ 8.50

$ 9.00

$ 9.00





La Cresent $ 9.50
La Crosse $ 8.60  
Seyval Blanc $ 8.75  
Chardonnel $ 9.80  
Chardonnay $ 14.00  None Available
White Blend (Hybrids) $ 8.00  Our Choice of French Hybrids
St. Pepin $ 10.00   None Available
Reliance $ 9.00  
Traminette $ 9.50  
Niagara $ 800  
Muscat Ottonel $ 16.00  
Espirit $ 8.50
Vignoles $ 9.50 -

Cayuga White


$ 8.60

$ 9.00


Frontenac Gris


Valvin Muscat


$ 9.75

$ 14.00

$ 10.50

$ 9.50

None vailable

Seval/LaCrosse/La Crescent Blend

Videl Blank

$ 8.00


Late Harvest


      Be sure to arrange a pick-up time with us before coming. We are not always home unless we know you are coming. When you come, bring your own containers with you. We have some carboys and plastic transporter jugs for sale but you should check with us to be sure we have what you want before coming. We will pump your juice into your containers from our cooler.  


Volume Discount:  2% for 40 gallons or more. This total can include more than one variety. 

Volume Discount: 2% for 40 gallons or more; 6% for 100 gallons or more.
Early Order Discount: Orders received by September 4th - 3%


We do not ship grapes or juice. 


      For your convenience, we provide basic supplies for sale including carboys, yeast, sulfite, bubblers, hydrometers, various corks and closures, and 5 gallon plastic transporter jugs. 


      In August, we send out a newsletter to all our customers giving information about the condition of our crop and a price list for that year. If you would like to be added to our customer list, you may call us at 269-521-4047 or e-mail us at

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